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Low cost surgery
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Just follow these simple steps to take a smart decision on your medical treatment

  1. Register with medeel.com – To use the services of Medeel.com, a onetime registration is mandatory.

  2. Create a Request: Ask for package for your treatment need. Here, you create a request for your medical treatment needs; basically, what actual treatment you wish to undertake. A separate request needs to be created for every medical treatment. Requests can be for anything - from a day care surgery, like cataract to something more complex like knee replacement, cardiac bypass etc. Whatever your medical need is, you can make a request for it on Medeel.com.

  3. Share your medical records:Here you need to
    • Enter basic information about your medical history
    • Upload latest medical documents – like doctor prescriptions, diagnostic tests. Scans or pictures from high resolution cameras should suffice. Please make sure that whatever you upload, is readable. You can upload up to 10 documents to help the hospital provide you the customized packages
    • Enter other details of treatment required

    If you aren’t sure or don’t have a diagnosis yet, and hence don’t know what to enter, you can either ask your doctor or can call us and our experts can assist you.

  4. Review packages offered by hospitals - Review the package offers that were customized for you by the hospitals. Please allow hospitals to take atleast 2-3 working days to revert with a customized package for you. These packages will include everything you need to know - including the cost and what is included and what’s not. After assessing these offers, you can decide if they are the right match for you.

    Remember, Medeel.com isn’t about finding the lowest cost hospital; it is about having a choice. You may choose to go to any hospital, but you now have a power of choice. In fact, you now have a wide range of hospitals to select from, with a range of prices. Select a hospital that is right for you. Should you need our help, Medeel team will be more than happy to assist.

  5. Accept an offer - When you have finally decided to go for a specific hospital, click “Accept”, and you will be connected to the Hospital. Once you accept, your contact details will be shared with the hospitals. Also, we’ll share the contact details of these hospitals with you. Now that you have their contact details, call them and schedule an appointment.

  6. Connect – You can now call the hospital and seek an appointment with them. Delivery of services and settlement of the treatment fee is directly between you and the hospital. The system is transparent. You already know how much to pay and what services to expect.
    Even then, it’s recommended that before undergoing a treatment, once again (and you have the right to !!!) seek confirmation about the details of the package - what’s included and what’s not. Any modifications in the package should be agreed upon between you and the hospital. In case of any discrepancy, bring that to our notice and we’ll be happy to assist. You can write to us at customercare@Medeel.com or call us at +91 11 65159503

We have used Medeel.com for my father’s surgery. I was amazed and delighted by the services and level of commitment of Medeel team.
Tarun, Delhi

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  • Compare hospital packages
    Step 1:
    Share your
    medical records
  • Compare surgery packages
    Step 2:
    Allow hospitals to review your medical history and customize packages for you (Will take at least 2 working days)
  • Best hospitals in India
    Step 3:
    View and select the most suitable package. Contact hospital to undergo treatment.
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