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About medeel.com

Q: What services does medeel.com offers?

A: medeel.com is a healthcare oriented web based service. medeel.com offers specialized services to those patients who have been recommended any hospitalization (surgial and non-surgical). Through medeel.com patients can request for a customized package from various participating hospitals. By comparing these packages, patients can make a choice and decide where they wish to get treated. Thus, we help empower patients by helping them take decisions on their healthcare.

Q: Is medeel.com a medical tourism company?

A: Yes and no, both. Medeel.com offers its services to patients across the globe. Both Indian and international patients can avail our services. Unlike a typical medical tourism facilitator, medeel.com provides options to patients to help them decide on the hospital where they wish to be treated. We help connect patients to hospitals directly and maintain transparency throughout the decision making process. Our team of experts also help international patients in choosing the right hospital for them.

Q: How does medeel.com service differ from other?

A: Medeel.com offers patients the 'Power to Chose". Patients can select and chose a hospital which best fits the patient’s needs and budget. Patient can select the hospital based on any criteria, which may include price, location, time-to-treatment, hospital credentials or may be anything else. But, unlike earlier, patient now has the power of CHOICE. And that's what medeel.com offers.

Q: I have health insurance, then why do I need medeel.com services?

A: Three reasons that you should still use medeel.com platform.

First, with medeel.com, you can find out how much your treatment is going to cost before you even reach a hospital; so you’ll know the details before you pay for your treatment. And thus, you know beforehand, if the budget is within your insurance limits. If it’s under your insurance limit, then you can choose the hospital that is right for you. If it’s over your limits, you can still talk to chosen hospitals and also, to your insurance companies, to manage your treatment cost.

Second, your insurance limits for any given year in limited. If you exhaust your limit in one single treatment, nothing is left for your further treatment needs for remaining year. And you need to buy additional insurance. By choosing medeel.com services, you can minimize your spend on one treatment to make sure your future medical needs can be fulfilled through the same medical insurance.

Third, premium for your medical insurance is also dependent on your the total claims made by you in previous year. Lower the claims made, chances for getting lower premiums on your medical insurance will be high. Thus, by using medeel.com services, you can lower you medical expense and hence save on your subsequent health insurance premiums.

Q: What if I have limited budget or don’t have medical insurance?

A: That’s even the more compelling reason to use services of medeel.com. It is perfectly OK to mention your budget limit or payment needs in your request. Many hospitals may consider those limitations while providing their offer. Who knows, you may get options that are fit to your budget.

Q: What if I have complications after a medical procedure?

A: All healthcare and treatment related matters are strictly between you and the hospital you selected. Be sure you understand fully what each medical treatment package covers before deciding. Patients should provide as much health information in their request as possible to help Hospitals provide accurate quotes. Hospitals should not hesitate to quote a price range or a condition that includes the unforeseen.

Please note that, in medical treatment, even in the best of the hospitals around the world, there are always the chances for some complications sometimes. These instances are unavoidable. Hence, patient should accept that as part of medical treatment. However, you can talk to hospitals in case any escalations/changes/modifications in treatment process are required. Should any complications occur while you are being treated, it’s best that you talk to hospital to arrive at a mutually agreed solution.

Q: Do you do any background checks on the hospitals / medical facilities?

A: Medeel.com does not underwrite or make any claims as to the level of proficiency of the medical facilities listed on this site. Patients may chose to refer the packages received with their friends/relatives to take final decision. After you accept a package from a hospital, we will ask you to rate the quality of care you received. These ratings will become visible to other patients in the future to help them make choices between various hospitals.

Q: Why should I use medeel.com rather that contacting the hospital directly?

First, its convinient.

Second, its simple to gather multiple options through Medeel.com to make a rational choice from. Currently, patients have very limited options of hospitals to chose from - because its cumbersome to visit multiple hospitals and seek a package. In any such decision making, where a customer makes restrictive choices, customer ends up losing – both on quality and cost. Medeel.com provides you multiple options, so that you get the best treatments at the best cost.

Q: Will I spend more if I use medeel.com than contacting the hospital directly?  

Highly unlikely. Medeel.com tries to create a competitive environment for hospitals, which allows hospitals to provide you best possible cost for the level of service they provide. In such a competitive environment, its highly unlikely that the offer hospitals make to you will be high than what you would have received had you approached them on your own.

Q: How do I know the hospitals provide quality care?   

On Medeel.com, hospitals provide information about their services, quality standards, accreditation and other relevant details to help the patient make a choice. You can compare treatment packages from hospitals and also the details of the hospitals and select accordingly. Even then, its recommended that you can do some additional research though internet, talk to your friends/relatives as well to make better choices.

Seeking treatment Package

Q: What procedures can I create a request for?

A: In fact any medical treatment that you need to undertake, can be requested for on Medeel.com. Our partner hospitals provide variety of treatment options across various therapy areas, which means that you can find some hospital for almost any medical procedure you can think of. Medeel.com can also be used for something as simple as a second opinion consultation to something as advanced as the removal of a cancer treatment or cardiac surgeries. If you aren’t sure about what the medical term for the procedure you need, or you need any help, feel free to call our team and we will assist you in this process.

Q: How do I contact the hospital I’ve selected?

A: When you finally select a hospital, where you would like to be treated by, click on the link against the selected hospital's package. After you accept a package from a particular hospital, we will share contact information (including a phone number) of the hospital you've selected. Also, your contact information will be shared with the selected hospital. You can call them to fix an appointment.

Q: Is cost the most important factor that I should consider?   

A: It depends on each individual. For some, affordability and cost is the most important factor due to limited budget; while for others, some other factor may be the most important. In matters concerning your health and well-being, your decision should be based on sound knowledge of the expertise and facilities the hospital has to offer and on the credentials of the doctors. However, based on preference for cost, one can make a most suitable decision. Hence, that makes even more sense for the patients to use Medeel.com platform to seek treatment quotes (surgery/hospitalization) from various hospitals and make most suitable choice. Our purpose is to provide you with all possible information on the participating hospitals and doctors for you to make an informed decision, and at the same time, save money.

Q: Can medeel.com help me chose a doctor or hospital to visit? 

A: If required, Medeel.com experts can extend a help to the patients in selecting right hospital for them, but in a very transparent way. Medeel.com do not have any preferred network or service provider. The final choice of selecting the hospital lies with the patient, though Medeel.com can help make that choice. We go by the principle that it’s in best interest of consumer if he himself makes the final choice of what he wishes to buy. Though you may seek our help, final decision on selection of hospital remains with the patient.

Q: What if in the pre-surgical consultation the physician resolves that I cannot undergo the treatment?

A: Isn’t that even better for you. This is like a second opinion for your treatment needs. It’s best if its stated that you need not undergo a surgery at all. OR there is a need to alter the treatment, especially in specific diseases like diabetes, cardiac problems, or high blood pressure that can call for special care in order to carry out the procedure.

Q: In which all countries do medeel.com has partnerships with hospitals?

A: Medeel.com currently has partnerships with hospitals only in India, but may soon partner with leading hospitals in other countries. However, even international patients (apart from Indian patients) can seek services of Medeel.com, provided they are willing to travel to India for their treatment.

Fees and Charges

Q: Does a patient needs to pay for medeel.com services? What are the charges?

A: Medeel.com services are absolutely free to patients. Patient need not pay any charges to Medeel.com. However, patients need to pay for their treatment to the hospital directly.

Q: I am covered under health insurance scheme. Do you accept insurance?

A: medeel.com does not get involved in the financial transaction between patient and hospital. Hospital may or may not accept the insurance. However, when hospitals provide you with the package for your treatment needs, they will provide information on whether or not they accept insurance and also if they offer cashless facility. They will also provide information on their tie-ups with various insurance companies.

If you want to find someone who will accept your insurance as part of your payment, please make a comment on your procedure request. You may also choose to pay upfront in cash and later send an invoice to your insurer after your treatment. Talk to your insurance company before making any decisions

Q. I am a patient from a country outside of India, and I have an health insurance from a insurance company in my country of residence. Will the hospital accept that insurance?

A: May be. May be not. Some of our partner hospitals may accept your health insurance issued in countries outsdie of India. Please mention about your health insurance status while making a request through Medeel.com.

Q: What level of discounts can we expect from medeel.com?

A: At medeel.com, we do not assure offers / discounts on medical treatment. However, we provide a competitive environment to hospitals to offer their services to patients. This competition between hospitals may lead them to offer competitive packages for each treatment sought. Thus, you will have options for low cost medical surgery / treatment at best of the hospitals. Internationally, it’s been observed that patients have saved upto 80% on medical treatment through such a process.

Privacy Confidentiality

Q: Does medeel.com protect my privacy?

A: Absolutely. Your information and all your medical records are absolutely safe with us. While you request for packages from various hospitals, your contact details cannot be viewed by the hospital. Only the relevant medical info which is required by the hospital to help them make a package for your treatment is made available to the hospitals. Only once you select a specific hospital, your contact details will be shared with these selected hospitals. Its also recommended that patient should not disclose their contact information, anywhere on the medical records that you upload on medeel.com. This is to avoid any unwanted calls from hospitals before you’ve made your final choice.

Q: Do I have to provide a detailed medical history to the hospital?

A: Yes. Its highly receommended that you share as detailed information about your medical history with the hospitals. This will help hospitals provide a customized package for you accordingly, and also revert to you at the earliest.

Q: Apart from hospitals, who else can know of my identity?

A: Medeel.com will maintain your privacy. No one apart from medeel.com and the partner hospitals will ever know your identity.

For Hospitals

Q: Why should I partner with medeel.com?

A: You should, just to expand the market you operate in – both with in India and internationally. There are no geographical boundaries whatsoever from where you can access the patients. The demand for choice in treatment is growing and Medeel.com is best positioned to give those choices to its patients. Medeel.com offers you a great value for your marketing spend because we go directly to patients actively seeking the care you offer.

Q: What if I accept to partner with Medeel.com?

A: " As a hospital, you will be required to sign an agreement with medeel.com. You will be expected to deliver promised services to the patient with best of the quality. And that's it. However, if there are frequent cases of grievances by the patients, Medeel.com reserves the right to block your services from its platform. Secondly, we will seek feedback from each patient who has undergone medical treatment from your hospital. The same will be made available to other patients when they are making choices for hospitals. Thus, it’s in your interest to deliver quality services to improve you quality score on these ratings."

Q: How do I know if a new patient has registered to seek treatment?

A: Medeel.com platform is fully automized. For every activity on medeel.com, you will be sent an e-mail notification. In case a new patient seeks a treatment offered by your hospital, you will be notified by an e-mail

Q: Do we necessarily need to provide discounts to the patients?

A: No. Hospitals may or may not chose to provide any discounts. It’s recommended that hospitals should quote the best possible price for the treatment sought by the patient, without compromising on the service quality. And then, let the patient decide, which hospital is best for their treatment.

Q: What if I need more information from the patient to customize the package for the patient?

A: Simple. Ask the patient to submit more details about their medical history. This can be done through a Medeel.com representative.

Q: Will the patient make the payment to hospital or medeel.com?

A: All the final bills related to patient’s treatment are to be settled between hospital and the patient themselves. Medeel.com is not involved in any financial transaction between the patient and the hospital.

Q:What if a customized package is not possible for us to provide to the patient?

A: Medical science is highly complex, and customization may not always be possible. Patients understand that. Such cases may happen. In such cases, you can repsond by stating the same to the patients. You may wish to state that though you wish to treat the patient, but a customized package may be hard to provide, due to complications involved. As always, lets be transparent and honest !!!

Q: Can I change the package after I have already submitted it on medeel.com?

A: No. You can't. Once you've submitted the package on Medeel.com, hospitals may not be allowed to change anything in their offers. Hence, a hospital should double check before submitting a package offer to the patient.

Q. Can I see the packages made by competing hospitals?

No. You can not view the packages submitted by other hospitals.

We have used Medeel.com for my father’s surgery. I was amazed and delighted by the services and level of commitment of Medeel team.
Tarun, Delhi

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